mercoledì 16 novembre 2011

La Campagna Lavori in Corsa presenta il Rapporto Ombra a Michele Bachelet

Il 12 ottobre scorso la Campagna Lavori in corsa: 30 anni CEDAW ha preso parte all'incontro organizzato a Copenaghen da KULU, piattaforma danese della rete europea WIDE.
In questa occasione la Campagna italiana ha avuto modo di presentare il suo Rapporto ombra sull'applicazione della CEDAW da parte del Governo italiano, consegnandolo a Michele Bachelet.
Inoltre in questa occasione la rete WIDE, di cui la Campagna Lvori in corsa: 30 anni CEDAW fa parte,  ha redatto uno Statement qui di seguito riportato.

WIDE Statement at KULU-DIHR NGO-Meeting with Michelle Bachelet, 12 Oct. 2011, Copenhagen, DK

We are deeply concerned with the increasing level of violence against women and the levels of impunity with which horrible crimes especially feminicide are treated globally and also in Europe.

The multiple global crises have caused governments to adopt austerity plans. These plans are having a negative impact on government capacity to monitor and implement legislation that enforces women’s right to a life free from any form of violence and also international commitments made in the framework of CEDAW, Beijing, UN SCR 1325.

We are also concerned with the pervasive incoherence affecting development, trade and investment policies. WIDE believes that this incoherence is detrimental to the goal of eradicating VAW. Global trade and financial speculation on land, food and water are exacerbating violence against women. Food and water are universal human rights, and women are currently being deprived of them. WIDE is deeply worried about the levels of violence affecting indigenous women, Dalits, and other oppressed women living in territories disputed by Multinational Enterprises. The impact of land-grabbing and extractive industries on the human rights of women in the Global South requires urgent action from global and European leaders and institutions

WIDE’S recommendations to UN WOMEN:

· Insist that international financial institutions and national governments enhance the levels of coherence between development trade and investment policy. The Framework of Human Rights impact assessment of trade and investments agreements which has been proposed by Oliver de Schutter (UN Special Rapporteur of the Right to Food) can be useful to move forward in the protection of the Social, Cultural, Economic Rights of women.

 · Insist that national governments enforce legislation and fill existing gaps (impunity issues).

· Insist that governments implement and monitor their compliances with CEDAW, Beijing, the UN SCR 1325 and other Protocols and Conventions on Women’s Human Rights;

 · Make funds available so CSOs can monitor compliances by governments to commitments.

 The Representative of WIDE’s Italian Platform invited Michelle Bachelet to come to Italy to submit the CEDAW Shadow Report and CEDAW Recommendations to the Italian Parliament on behalf of the Italian National Platform for WIDE and Italian CSOs/women's NGOs.

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